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Kent Parrot

Harvard graduate, former pro hockey player and USPTA Pro 1 Kent Parrot brings more than 30 years of business experience to the tennis industry. Also involved in financial consulting and retirement planning, Kent believes his business experience to be a valuable tool in his tennis-teaching career. "It continues to be helpful when interfacing with tennis colleagues and clientele," he says. Kent currently teaches at the Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego, Calif., during the winter months. Spring and summers he operates his own junior tennis programs in the Boston area.

He shares his enthusiasm for the sport with all ages and levels of players. He is a regular contributor to and organizer of USPTA Lessons for Life and Tennis Across America events.

Kent was a top junior player in New England, played the junior national circuit and was a member of the Harvard University varsity tennis team. He also plays in the senior National Grass Court Championships.

He was the Tennis Director at a country club on the south shore of Boston for 10 years. He grew the summer tennis programs to over 200 junior participants. 

His publications include an article in the May 2003 ADDvantage magazine, "Building for the future through Little Tennis."

Kent has a USPTA specialist degree in Little Tennis, making him one of only a dozen or so, Little Tennis specialists in the United States. "While I have enjoyed teaching and coaching at all levels of the game, I particularly savor the 'little ones.' As long as we grow our pee wee programs, we will always have juniors and seniors on court. This is key to continuing to grow and share with others this great game of ours."

Kent was featured in the July 2004 issues of the USPTA New England Division newletter, Yankee Prose.

Newsletter article

Aside from tennis, Kent is a professional squash and platform tennis instructor and is a member of the United States Racquet Stringers Association.

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